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What is Optical Character Recognition and its Use Cases?

Being a tech enthusiast and having great experience of 20 years in offering AI solutions for healthcare, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and co-founder of Shaip has shared some insight on a trending AI technology in this guest feature. 

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • Do you know data is the key to business growth and this data is just accelerating day by day in the form of files and external documents? Manually extracting the data and then processing it take a toll on employees’ productivity. But technology like Optical Character Recognition can be a great help for employees in enhancing process efficiency.
  • OCR technology can easily fetch data from written documents and then process it for further work. Using OCR, enterprises can easily encode the text even from an image and allow it to be electronically formatted.
  • All across the globe, OCR can be leveraged in banking and insurance, traveling, government, healthcare, the food industry, logistics, retail, and many others. Considering the amount of effort include in data extraction and processing adoption of OCR technology is critical to enhancing process efficiency and enhancing employee productivity.

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