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How will AI Evolve in the Future? Key Factors To Adopt for AI’s Data Evolution

Struggling to understand the full potential of AI in the future? In this latest guest feature Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and co-founder of the Shaip have shared some key points on what kind of talent and resources are necessary to construct innovative algorithms for AI.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Since the time term “Artificial Intelligence(AI) was invented in 1995”, we have entered in the era of the golden age of technology. But, AI requires three main ingredients to reach its potential, first talent and resources to construct algorithms, second data to train algorithms, and third power to mine that data.
  • These innovative factors are propelling AI to a new altitude where it is believed that AI will bring the fourth industrial revolution in the upcoming years. This is the reason most brilliant technologists are investing in AI and data science.
  • Moreover, in the coming future, AI is powering self-driving vehicles, detecting malignant tumors, and scanning legal contracts to make sure everything is alright. But, AI can achieve the ideal outcomes only with quality data on which they are trained with. 

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