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The secure ShaipCloud™ platform offers unparalleled functionality and speed to create, transform and annotate data for your most challenging AI models.

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Our platform is more than just highly functional. ShaipCloud™ utilizes patented technology to track and monitor workloads, transcribe audio and utterances, annotate text, as well as manage quality control and data exchange. The result? Your AI project gets the highest quality data possible. Not only do you get it quickly and at an affordable cost but as your AI project grows, ShaipCloud™ grows with it through scalability and platform integrations required to make your job easier and deliver successful results.
The ShaipCloud™ AI data platform simplifies workflow, reduces the friction of working with a distributed global workforce, provides greater visibility, real-time quality control, and seamless collaboration with all major cloud providers. There are data platforms. Then there are AI data platforms. We’re the latter because the secure ShaipCloud™ human-in-the-loop platform offers the unparalleled functionality and speed to create, transform and annotate large amounts of data for your AI and ML models.
But it’s more than just highly functional. It’s patented technology to track and monitor workloads, transcribe utterances, annotate text as well as manage quality control and data exchange for the highest quality AI data. And as your AI project grows, ShaipCloud™ offers the scalability and platform integration required to deliver successful results.


Intuitive User-Based Tools

Hotkey support and AI-assisted tools allow for increased productivity and ease of use that better streamlines workflow rates overall. 

Configurable Formatting

All collected data is seamlessly converted into AI ingestible formats that are prepped and customized to accommodate exacting client needs.

Comprehensive Modulation Capabilities

Modules for Audit, Admin and workflow allow the platform to set optimal parameters for your enterprise – ensuring your productivity is automated and produces high-quality results.

Patented Web-Based Platform

As a part of our patented web-based platform, ezData Platform can be accessed from anywhere in the globe.

Quick & Complete Data Acquisition

Large volumes of data can be easily gathered from simple and complex sources, consistently meeting clients’ turnaround times with unerring accuracy.


AI-Enabled Auto Segmentation

Using our AI model, segments can be created automatically. With transcribers no longer having to focus on creating timestamps, this increases their productivity as their solo focus is now dedicated to transcription.

Audio Player Capabilities

The platform allows for two-channel audio files to be played on two separate speakers simultaneously. Additionally, It also has the capability to play separate audio channels.

Hotkey Support

Optimized productivity is achieved through the Platform’s simplified hotkey support tools.

High-Quality Audit Module

Leveraging a customized auto sampling segment, the system can set up a quality threshold for text and tag percentages. If quality criteria are not met, the system can auto-reject files as a result.

Auto-Allocation Capabilities

The admin module allows for the configuration of rules so that automated workflow is possible. Users can simply log into the system and begin tasks without having to wait for work to be assigned.

Workflow Modulation

The app lets you monitor overall workflow and optimize it by providing real-time user activity and status updates.

Admin Modulation

An all-encompassing admin module helps manage user registration and permissions, maintaining strict control of access level and workflow level permissions.

Robust Training Data Platform

Our cloud-based platform collects and labels text, speech, audio, images, and video to help you continuously train and improve AI & ML algorithms.

The ShaipCloud™ platform is a Human-in-the-Loop machine learning platform to acquire AI or ML training datasets for your Conversational AI, Chatbots, NLP and Computer Vision use cases.

ShaipCloud Platform

Experience unparalleled functionality and
platform integration.

Schedule a demo of the ShaipCloud™ AI data platform today.


When you need data in real-time you should be able to access APIs just as quickly. This is why Shaip APIs provide real time, on-demand access to the records you need. With Shaip APIs your teams now have fast and scalable access to de-identified records and quality contextualized medical data to complete their AI projects right the first time.

De-Identification API

Patient data is essential in developing the best possible healthcare AI projects. But protecting their personal information is just as essential. Shaip is a known industry leader in data de-identification, data masking, and data anonymization to remove all PHI/PII (personal health/identifying information).

  • De-identify, tokenize, and anonymize sensitive data for PHI, PII and PCI
  • Conform with HIPAA and Safe Harbor guidelines
  • Redact all 18 identifiers covered in HIPAA and Safe Harbor guidelines.
  • Expert certification and auditing of de-identification quality
  • Follow comprehensive PHI annotation guidelines to uniformly de-identify PHI data and adhere to the Safe Harbor guidelines

Comprehensive Compliance Coverage

Scale data de-identification across multiple regulatory jurisdictions including GDPR, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor.

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De-Identification API
medical ner

Medical NER

Clinical Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a critical natural language processing (NLP) task to extract important concepts (named entities) from clinical narratives. NER APIs empower developers to easily extract clinical entities such as diagnosis, procedure, medical device, labs, medication, and much more from Electronic Health Record (EHR) unstructured data. Developers can also use these APIs to codify extracted entities in SNOMED-CT and RxNorm.

Medical NER extracted by Shaip APIs:

  • Entity recognition and extraction: Identify key concepts or phrases present in the source material
  • Improve clinical data integrity by mapping data elements present in unstructured text to structured fields.
  • Convert unstructured data into the machine-readable and machine-processable format.

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