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Top AI and ML Trends to Watch Look for In 2022

Vatsal Ghiya CEO and co-founder of Shaip has a keen interest in discussing emerging tech trends and insights that could help in accelerating the business process and identifying the key area to use it. In this guest feature, he is talking about the top tech trend that you must look for in 2022 for process efficiency.

The Key takeaway from the Article is

  • From repleting manual activities to simplifying business processes, Artificial Intelligence technology doesn’t need an introduction. And when clubbed with Machine Learning(ML) algorithms, AI technology can create more innovative tools and solutions.
  •  Based on their popularity and adoption rate, it is speculated that the AI market will rise to a $9 billion market value. And for tech space, it is indeed an opportunity to kick start their digital transformation.
  • The top trend technologies that must be kept in consideration are Augmented workforce and intelligence, Improved Healthcare, Conversational AI and Hyperautomation, AR, VR, and Metaverse, focus on data annotation, and creating autonomous vehicles. Leveraging these technologies not only leads to better process efficiency but generating higher returns on investment. 

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