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How OCR Transforms Document Processing with RPA?

In this guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and Co-founder of Shaip has shared some input on AI technology like OCR that can help in processing documents faster with RPA and enable faster data extraction and processing all across the organization.

The Key Takeaway from the Article is-

  • Optical Character Recognition is the way to read and understand documents in written format. And in the organization document extraction and processing is a huge task that takes a lot of time for employees. Organizations can use OCR along with RPA to extract data and process it without manual intervention and reduce error rates as well.
  • OCR technology can work alongside different light patterns, pre-process images, detect characters and words, and produce machine-readable elements and can be used at multiple places.
  • RPA along with OCR can be utilized in HR, Healthcare, Finance, and much other organization where most of the work involves the paper trail process. Utilizing OCR with RPA can improve accuracy, enhance speed, reduce the cost involved in document processing, and have a lot more benefits. As the world is changing with technology it’s vital to move along with the flow and adapt to these changes for a better workplace experience.

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