An Overview of Audio Annotation and its Advantages

Cofounder and CEO of Shaip Vatsal Ghiya have shared some key technological explanations on the importance of audio annotation and how it helps virtual assistants, chatbots, and voice search systems to understand what you speak and then it pulls out relevant information.

The key Takeaways from the Article are-

  • Often times we ask open questions to virtual assistants, voice search, and bots. First integrating the question into the system, understanding its intent of it, and then sharing relevant information back requires the integration of technologies like Machine Learning(ML) and NLP.
  • And to understand the audio and voice in different languages needs the use of audio annotation techniques. Audio annotation machines are made to understand what questions, emotions, sentiments, and intentions users expressing and then it has been taught through audio labeling techniques.
  • Audio labeling in the annotation is a crucial technique and if done with the right data set and tagging it can help in developing chatbots, virtual assistants, real-time translation systems, call audit systems, and more. Having audio annotation techniques can make machine learning models identify different audio elements better and train without manual intervention.

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