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Why Synthetic Data is Important in Healthcare?

Having 20-year experience in Healthcare software and AI, Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and co-founder of Shaip in this guest feature has talked about synthetic data and has shared why it is important for the healthcare industry, its use cases, and its benefits.

The Key Takeaways from the Article are-

  • In layman’s language, synthetic means synthesized, which is not naturally occurring. This synthetic data is the data that is generated by computers which you can’t get from surveys, forms, reports, datasets, and from computer vision. But synthetic data stem from real-world datasets and are based on real observations and references.
  • Moreover, the onset of synthetic data is probably one of the important aspects of the AI revolution in healthcare. This is the reason, healthcare experts and industry leaders are going to increase the use of synthetic data in the next three years. From robotic surgery to healthcare operations, synthetic data can touch multiple horizons in the healthcare industry.
  • A major advantage of this system is that researchers have no hiccups when it comes to pursuing their observations and research. Typical use cases of synthetic data include patient monitoring medical imaging, robotic surgery, and others.

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